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You can donate by depositing your contribution on Fundamarin´s savings account number 304-213264-41 at Bancolombia or at BBVA account number 091010001379 and holder name FUND-AMAR-IN.

If you want to donate clothes, food, books and others, please click “Contact Us” in the upper right of this website to get in touch with us and coordinate the better way to make effective your collaboration.  
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Calle 97 No 19A 56 Bogota  Colombia  Sur America

Fundamarin , works to help the indigenes from the tribes located at the ancient territory of The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, like the ijkas, koguis and wiwas.
The lack of opportunities, the colonization and the neglect attitude from the government to their needs have led the community to a serious crisis. Those affected by the crisis are principally the children and the elders.  We want to provide them with enough to fulfill their daily needs.

We also work to mitigate the causes and effects of global warming in the Colombian territory by reforestation campaigns and other strategies.

If you share our concern and feel like you want and can support our cause, please don’t hesitate and join us in our fight against poverty, indifference and consumerism. CIBIMOS SUS DONACIONES MEDIANTE CONSIGNACIÓN A LA CUENTA DE AHORROS BANCOLOMBIA NUMERO 304-213264-41 O CUENTA CORRIENTE BBVA NUMERO 019001379 TITUAR FUND-AMAR-IN.


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Fundamarin is a wish come true of a group of Mamos (Peacekeepers, Earth Guardians and Spiritual Guides) from the four indigenes tribes of La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia, so called “Heart of the World”, as they discussed during the “Meeting of Knowledge” in June 2003, and decided that is was the moment to take a step forward towards the rest of the inhabitants of Planet Earth.  In December 15th 2004 Fundamarin was formally established as a nonprofit organization under the direction of the Mamo Mejabin from the Ijka`s tribe (Luis Guillermo Izquierdo).  A number of bunachis (white people), also, participated and contributed with their knowledge in different disciplines and with their disposition to social work and leadership.  Fundamarin ´s will is to plan projects and build intercultural development models to attain peace, harmony, pacific coexistence and with mutual aid improve the quality of the human being life.  The Foundation members want to transmit the call of the Earth to everyone, so the preservation, conservation, and protection of the environment and it`s balance will be a reality everywhere. The intention is to stimulate values like the respect for the Planet, the cultural individual rights and the collective and fundamental rights.  



Fundamarin`s mission is to achieve a peaceful and harmonic coexistence in balance with nature around the Planet, by demanding respect for the cosmogony of traditional communities and the ethnic rights. Also by building intercultural development models that tend to enhance people´s life in an environment of equality.    



Our vision for the future is to be well known as an institution that generates sustainable projects in social and environmental contexts and promotes self sustainable development, participation and the recognition of the needs of the indigenes and tribal communities.