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Reforestation Plan

Reforestation Plan


The recipient of this project is all the people.


The aim of the Reforestation Plan is to plant 100.000 trees in specific parts of the territory which have been damaged by the hand of man. The initiative wants to improve the performance of watersheds, protect the crops by building barriers and ensure the survival of typical species.

The reforestation can make a huge difference in the already complex environmental situation. By planting trees, the soil restores its nutrients, keeps the moist and structure so it becomes ideal for all kind of vegetation. The temperatures of the soil will enable the life of microorganisms and animals.

Fundamarin considers that planting trees in the watersheds is very important not only because that reduces the rivers flow but also because it helps improve the quality of the water so all the communities that have acces to the rivers will be able to consume the water with less preventions.

And finally, with the trees absorption of carbon, recovering the forest is a short term solution to global warming. It has an unquestionable positive effect.

To make that possible Fundamarin has created this project and every person can take a part on it by buying a “Bono Verde” or “Green Certificate” by $30.000 Colombian pesos. That will allow us to plant special species of trees in specific parts of the country to contribute with the environment and the health of the surrounding communities.  






Seeds Banc



The recipientsof this plan are about 300 families with 7 members each, in three different regions, so the total would be 6.300 persons. In the future Fundamarin wants to develop the project in all the community so it will reach the whole 22.000 inhabitants of La Sierra.


The aim of the Seeds Banc is the constitution, recuperation and enforcement of a seeds banc in the communities Jewrwa, Nabusimake and Arumake.


The most important fact to remember is that the typical food is the base of the traditional knowledge and the guarantee of the survival of the Ijku culture. Since the problems of the communities have not been attacked, the process of identity loosing is still threatening the communities of La Sierra.     


The colonization is the principal issue that has devalued the herbs and crops that the indigenes have used for centuries. Now the loss of territory and the arrival of the traders have led the community to the consumerism market, the parents have been sort of pushed to buy unusual products to feed their children. Those products are already expired most of the times, so it is easy to find that children suffer from malnutrition and diarrhea.


Then, the seeds bank, besides ensuring the survival of tradition, will ensure the survival of the community itself.