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Sponsors Plan


The recipientsof this project are the children and the elders from the indigenes communities of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, who don’t have enough resources to have a dignified life.


The aim of the Sponsors Plan is to assist 200 children and 70 elders who have been abandoned and need to meet their needs.


The way to do it … with your donations!!


Fundamarin , works to help the indigenes from the tribes located at the ancient territory of The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, like the ijkas, koguis and wiwas.

The lack of opportunities, the colonization and the neglect attitude from the government to their needs have led the community to a serious alimentary crisis.


Those affected by the crisis are principally the children and the elders. After a visit made to the Sierra, with a team of doctors, we could established that if we don’t help the community now they will disappear and also their valuable traditions and great wisdom.


The aim of the Sponsors Plan is to mitigate the effects of the crisis by providing the children and the elders with not only nourishment but also making sure that they grow keeping their traditions and their relationship with the environment.


The best way to help the indigenes is by providing a monetary contribution. With founds Fundamarin makes sure they get the proper help to grow healthy and also assure the last of a lifestyle from which our civilization could learn a lot. 


You can help us donating a certain amount of money* to support a child or an elder month by month:


1 Month      US$40.000

3 Months    US $110.000

6 Months    US $220.000

A Year         US$400.000


There is also a Common Savings in case you want to donate a different amount of money. Those funds are use in special cases like medical emergencies, school supplies and similar things. 

To donate clothes, it is important to remember that indigenes older than 2 wear a special outfit. The best donation would be white denim or regular clothes for babies.




  El 6 de Enero de 2010 realizamos otra entrega de alimentos, herramientas, vestidos, útiles escolares, vitaminas etc. a niños desprotegidos del programa plan padrino. Muchas gracias a todos los padrinos y madrinas que nos han realizado su aporte en forma cumplida para esta noble causa.